Which brands topped the Sexiest Workplaces at the WorldBlu Awards?

The ‘sexiest’ brands for the year had universal male stereotypes

You won’t guess which brand dominated the Sexiest Workplaces categories at the recent WorldBlu Awards: nor why.

The award show was an attempt to give the non-tech industry a hearing with the theme “On the Workplace Front, Seeing the Full Picture”. The categories were influenced by a survey that asked 3,500 young professionals what brands they use in a workplace setting. These were classed as “hot” brands, with an equally high number classed as “awkward”.

Male dominated results mean the most commonly used brand for men is “just the workhorses” – “You gotta have shoes!” with the Massage Therapy Centre claiming second place. The Cosmopolitan Bath & Body Beauty World, owned by brands including Purele, and Cinderella Cream are both in fifth place. The top female brands are also female dominated: the Self Empowerment Centre and Beauty Cycle come second, while home loan company Zurich ABD in third place and the Beauty Club make up the top five.

In order to qualify for the WorldBlu award, companies had to score a minimum of 5,500 points out of a maximum of 25,000. The biggest companies to make it were Amazon (third), Facebook (fourth), Uber (fifth) and Google (sixth). The most unsexy company to make it into the top 50 was Crowdrise, an organisation that raises money for charities.

The WorldBlu Award is based on:

• A recent global survey of young professionals conducted by the firm’s vice president, Thomas Hertel;

• Evidence of how the brand is perceived by the majority of the employees, via questionnaires;

• Factors taken into account when choosing the best brands, including profitability, compensation, technological advancement, profit margin, employee relations, brand reputation, reliability, stock performance, size, performance, quality and organisational reputation.

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