What will happen to your car in 2019?

The examples here highlight specific plan changes for 2019 in a private interview, otherwise referred to as “working plans”.

TMD might consider eliminating or speeding up the exchange of goods from the factory to the customer. Retailers are currently bumping up “racks and RIIFs” of last year’s product on the hangers to this year’s style. Smaller SKUs would also be shifted. A massive item purchase might also be disposed of.

GMP might push large trucks off to the side because of just-in-time manufacturing and delivery to make way for short-run deliveries of lower value vehicles.

the line between sold and still inventory would reduce. In other words, it will be hard to say when a product is sold. Automakers might decide not to hold “at risk” products on their lots.

day-to-day factory management activities would be eliminated in favor of analytics and collaborative approaches. This might mean early planning decisions won’t be made at the production level. Workers will be more innovative and have much less authority.

If demand slips for an entry level model, they might make the change sooner than later.

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