United Conservative Party official launches campaign against Calgary-foothills candidate with trademark blunt talk

In an attempt to derail Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark’s re-election bid, the United Conservative Party Monday nominated Brian Jean, as its prospective candidate in Calgary-Foothills.

Jean’s nomination follows a controversy surrounding Clark’s fundraising, reports Ed Crooks in the Calgary Herald. Clark had said earlier in the campaign that he raised over $40,000, but he later acknowledged that his campaign would only reach the high-teen thousands of dollars.

Jean is one of three names brought up by Clark as he’s been on the offensive in a province that is supposed to be NDP-heavy. On Saturday, Clark said he’s the only elected official in the province who actually lives in Alberta.

“Not one elected official, MLA, local councillor or member of the legislature is actually living in the province of Alberta,” Clark said in Calgary. “It just proves Greg Clark is unfit to run for office.”

While the odds of Clark winning the seat seem remote, his criticisms have united the political opposite of him. With only one seat, the Alberta Party will gain something a party like the NDP may not have — A stronger hold on western Alberta’s conservative territory.

The next provincial election is set for May of 2019.

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