Together, we can do more to address our energy crisis

How the government’s policies fare in Londonderry

We welcome the return of the environmental review. The existing planning framework is adequate for the purpose, but we would like to see the review put a stronger emphasis on securing new energy investment and ensuring innovation remains a significant driver of sustainable energy production.

The referendum and subsequent significant development in the energy sector is giving rise to increased demand for supplies of energy. We would be concerned to see that this is not adequately considered in the review.

We’re particularly concerned to see the review looking at ‘harmful’ local impact statements, on the basis that local consultation is sufficient. However, when we researched the comprehensive local impact statements drawn up for the housing and industrial development planned for the Holywood area the impacts were only limited to at least two sites located immediately behind Acland Embankment.

We would like to see a review that is more in line with the Government’s own statement about the importance of sustainable energy to growth and the development of the economy. We would also like to see a review that recognises that renewable sources of energy can act as a feed-in tariff for innovative forms of energy production like onshore wind and wave technology.

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