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Editorial Editor Kim Sengupta, who has covered Afghanistan for the NYT since 2009, will be hosting a “ask me anything” on the Times’ blog, Opinion, with questions provided by readers. After visiting Afghanistan in October, editor Sam Tanenhaus has talked about the many challenges of covering the situation in the war-torn country. The Afghan government’s performance is “the single biggest impediment, in terms of the progress of the war, of any policy decision, of any policy toward Taliban,” Tanenhaus said, writing for the NYT’s “Modern Love” blog. “Partly because of that—and partly because of the reluctance of some local officials and commanders to cooperate with the Americans and NATO in the field—they often leave the U.S. and NATO behind. And that raises the stakes for the Americans and NATO.”

Topics we want to cover include:

1. How does the NYT react when the Afghan government seems to be unable to perform? And do they have enough troops, resources and expertise to cover the population?

2. Are the Taliban aware that most of the villages have been “cleared” but locals still remain, without any security, despite the media reporting otherwise? Are they working together to send messages that the government has been successful?

3. With the military presence of the Taliban in Kabul, are they now able to conduct attacks in the capital that were considered impossible in the past?

4. Is there any indication from the Karzai government that it could be willing to make peace? In light of the recent elections, could President Ashraf Ghani follow up on promises he made to end the war? Is there a way for the Taliban to be recognized as a legitimate political force?

The questions should be submitted to “ask me anything” via [email protected] or by sending them via Twitter by sending a tweet that includes #TimestoAfghanistan. In addition, a Times staff member or a reader will be waiting for you near the “asking table” by 9:45 a.m. ET today.

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