This astronaut in Antarctica had a unique way to travel to Europe

After taking a flight over the United States, meeting one of the first astronauts in space and announcing his aspirations to become an astronaut, astronaut Ben Enders crossed the Atlantic Ocean to speak at the Paris Air Show. But all of that was nothing compared to when he jumped onto a recent Scandinavian high-speed train. The 28-year-old used a technique that has been used to tame dinosaurs: a catapult.

The Swiss train to Zagreb costs $143 one way and is the fastest in the world. Zagreb is almost a hundred times smaller than New York and the train travels at over 250 miles per hour. Traveling almost anywhere is possible on the train, including flying.

In Australia, they let kids on local trains in a bid to see if it’s safe to let children climb on the train and go on journeys.

Elsewhere in the world, a dog has been tracked using DNA testing, and dogs have used their GPS trackers to find their owners and solve problems.

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