The Corruption That Happens When you Vote for the Lying Scandalous Clintons

Now that a major political scandal has put a blemish on our country, can our voters forget all about it and move on to the business of governing? The answer might not be an easy one, if recent history is a guide.

For as long as we can remember, cronyism, cronyism, cronyism have been a hallmark of our democracy. Crazed state budgets and unbridled politicians, willing to bribe people to their political whim, have proven time and again to be no source of principle, but rather, our nation’s most practical weapon of corruption.

Cranston and Nevers, are loyal Democrats who didn’t look out for Connecticut voters.

From the McDermott affair in Colorado to Illinois, and even the most recent scandals over Dennis Hastert, Tom DeLay and Bill Richardson, only corruption and pandering matter. They have no place in our present, and our future. This election is not about you or I. It’s about the next generation, the one that has no opportunity to experience this before it is too late.

The Clintons and federal liars are part of this racket. The federal government has grown into a Frankenstein monster. Let me say for the record: When you vote, you vote against the Clintons. Hillary Clinton is as untrustworthy and corrupt as her husband. She brought corruption and dishonesty into the White House under her husband and now wants to make it the norm in the Oval Office.

I don’t care if you have to sing “Kumbaya” to vote for her. Hillary Clinton is evil and she must be stopped.

Celeste Keller is a RedState contributor, Queen of Mezcal, and owner of Red State Texas.

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