Super Bowl ads: why not be surprised that everyone likes the Super Bowl commercials

Most teams don’t benefit from solid quarterback play, but having two teams consistently lacking a high-quality signal caller

Football fans will head to the MLS this weekend. Millions of people will pour through stadiums during the NBA Finals. Amid the odd quirks of the World Cup this summer, millions will travel to see their favourite athletes. Some will do it to root for the team on TV, while others will do it on real life. Ultimately, they’ll see the world’s top athletes. But how many will spend their time watching NFL live-streaming?

Just as many will be streaming NFL highlights in their homes while watching other sports, but when they’re watching the highlights, are they seeing the highlights of teams that won or lost games, or teams who played poorly? Does that criticism of football – that it was played poorly in the Super Bowl – really matter?

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Because when it comes to watching NFL, only NFL fans want to watch bad football.

Since 1968, only one team has posted a winning record without a high-quality starting quarterback. The Bengals (2014) and the Browns (1995) are the only two teams that have managed this feat in at least 40 years. That’s it. No one else besides these two teams.

Of course, the Jaguars and Raiders were last season’s anomaly. As luck would have it, some of the teams with lousy quarterbacks went on to post losing records, and the team that had its best quarterback weren’t able to get out of the quarter-final round of the playoffs. But despite their postseason hopes looking in shambles after only one game, the Lions defeated the Cardinals and the Falcons beat the Saints. After Sunday, with the Bengals and Browns out of the playoffs, and the Cowboys only 7-9, it’s hard to say how it happened, but we can safely surmise that it came down to this.

As you watch those Super Bowl ads this season, don’t be surprised if you hear criticism of the NFL, or the performance of a quarterback, over and over. And if you happen to be a fan of the Jaguars or Raiders, don’t be shocked if your team wins the Super Bowl.

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