Spring isn’t in the air just yet

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Jenny Chen / CNN

Before you know it, warm, sunny weather may be setting in but summer isn’t here just yet. So when do you know the next season is ready to kick off?

But rather than figuring out the right time to flip the switch to warmer temperatures, and to bring the sun and beach (and apparel) back into your closet, now’s the time to get ready for the next season before the last one hits (yes, that actually could be considered maintenance).

With that in mind, a little advice for your wardrobe this spring and summer.

Warm shades and comfy clothes

Since this heat and sun is so much fun, you might not need to wear anything sleeveless. Therefore, you’re more than welcome to wear a bigger top (a tank or two) or a blouse. This way, you won’t need a lot of extra clothes while you’re sitting outside.

If you’re already indoors, try keeping a few inches of cool sweat away from your face with a pair of cute shades and a dip-dyed denim jacket or print tee.

Summer cool shirts and shorts

While you’re within the comfort zone of summer, don’t forget to bring light-weight shorts. If you’re planning on wearing the shorts to the beach, make sure that they’re light-weight and comfortable. And if you plan on throwing them on (and shoving them in your bag), make sure they have pockets for things like beach towels and water bottles.

Lightweight dresses and shirts

Lightweight dresses and shirts are a low-maintenance way to make sure that you stay cool, dry and warm while still looking chic and covered-up.

Get the look: Pharrell Williams’ oversized puffer jacket

If you aren’t ready to wear a bunch of clothes and accessories in one day, you can always wear a lightweight sweater, such as the jacket by Pharrell Williams below.

Though you may not need to layer in the middle of the day, you can pull it off by covering up your waistline, shoulders and arms. And if you do need to wear a thick jacket, then make sure that it has a hood.

Coats and jackets

If you need a cute blazer to add an extra pop of color to your closet, then get ready to buy. The styles are getting longer, less boring and are lighter in weight. Also, comfort is key: When it comes to wearing accessories or pants, don’t pick too bulky or tight (when it comes to jackets and coats, make sure that it’s warm enough so that the bag doesn’t feel heavy, and when it comes to accessories, aim for a little length at the bottom of your belt).

Fit is key to wearing sunglasses

If you’re looking for sunglasses that’re not only stylish, but also fit right (within your specs), you’ve come to the right place.

The size of your sunglasses will depend on the width of your eyes. But because eyeglasses have such an impact on your comfort, make sure that they fit correctly and comfortably. And make sure that they’re in good condition, too.

For sunglasses, avoid dark lenses and contact lenses. Replace lenses every four to six months if they’re missing an element or need to be cleaned. And look for one that fits well, as it will make your life easier.

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