Pelosi will stay around to lead House Democrats through the next election – and perhaps beyond

While she has a busy schedule, the California Democrat plans to be re-elected leader, retaining her job as Speaker of the House

Pelosi will stay around to lead House Democrats through the next election — and perhaps beyond

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi will remain leader of the Democrats for another term at least – and possibly for years to come, her top aides said Monday.

The 78-year-old California Democrat has been re-elected by the House Democrats but is unlikely to run again after the 2020 election.

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As House speaker, Pelosi stands to serve the last two or three terms of a third or fourth president.

“She’s not going anywhere,” one of her top aides told Reuters.

Following the Democrats’ victory in the midterms elections, Democratic leaders came together to plan her re-election at an annual members-only meeting of the Democrats’ Steering and Policy Committee.

“She stepped forward to express her interest to the caucus,” another aide told Reuters.

Pelosi has another tightly scheduled month ahead: The first vote for speaker is not scheduled until late November.

She has, however, been developing an initial strategy for the next Congress: House Democrats will aim to close corporate tax loopholes, impose an across-the-board increase in wages, expand the Medicare healthcare program for the elderly and provide college education tax breaks.

She is also bullish about her re-election chances.

“I’m feeling very confident,” Pelosi told reporters after the conference. “I’m looking forward to being the Speaker again.”

Pelosi and the Democratic lawmakers she leads face a governing strategy that could be thorny.

The largest group of House Democrats was elected on the slogan of “Medicare for All” and many will be under pressure to back such a proposal.

Others have already signaled opposition to a Medicare-for-all proposal. While both parties want to increase wages, the question is how to do it. And what role to play in healthcare for seniors.

Pelosi, who came to the House in 1987, was born into politics and is used to public feuds.

Pelosi, who grew up in San Francisco, was the first woman to run for San Francisco mayor and won in 1985.

In Washington, Pelosi has had one contentious episode after another.

She dropped her initial bid to take over as House speaker after facing Democratic revolts on issues from single-payer healthcare to the Dreamers – undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children.

Yet she was re-elected speaker for four terms and the first woman to hold the post.

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