Patrick McEnroe says reaction to Brexit in Britain has been ‘like a punch to the gut’

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McEnroe compares Donald Trump’s embarrassing defeat by Juncker to his own with Philippe Petit in 1975

Patrick McEnroe says reaction to the news of Brexit in Britain has been “like a punch to the gut”

Patrick McEnroe said he struggled to watch the news of British voters’ decision to withdraw from the European Union, comparing the reaction in Britain to his infamous defeat by Philippe Petit during the 1975 Pan Am Games in Canada.

Ian Bremmer (@iansbremmer) Quelle surprise.


McEnroe said on Twitter: “Wasn’t a prediction but rather a reality check. Good outcome for Europe and world.”

McEnroe spent most of his career playing tennis and was taught to play the game by his father, John McEnroe, the 1987 Wimbledon singles champion.

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McEnroe said he had followed the Brexit vote in Britain with interest and on Tuesday saw an article in the Daily Mail, which he co-owns, describing the results and also listing some of the Leave campaign’s stars.

McEnroe replied to the Mail and tweeted at a figure identified as Boris Johnson, the UK foreign secretary and now one of the leading members of the Brexit campaign team, who is also a key figure in the ownership of the Mail.

McEnroe wrote: “When I won the doubles in Mexico City, I was in bed by 9am and the paper was printed in Germany. Not this morning! Like a punch to the gut.”

The British writer Rod Liddle also tweeted at Johnson after Trump had lost to Juncker in Brussels, tweeting: “You lost to a clown with a bowler hat! Let’s hope your canoe’s as good as those in Yemen!”

Referring to the turncoat Gary Johnson’s unsuccessful campaign for the Conservative party leadership, Liddle wrote: “After missing out on a first-time Tory leader, how about a Big Mac?”

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