Numerous Disney Channel roles, from ‘Promise’ to ‘Teen Wolf’

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

When you see photographs of charming actress Beth Harmon , one thing immediately jumps out at you: her red hair.

In real life, though, her hair is a mousy brown and she has grown out her locks in the last 20 years.

A former child star, Harmon was just 5 years old when she joined the Disney Channel series “Promise,” but she’s best known for her two roles in “Teen Wolf” and “Wildcats.”

Most of her roles were in things like horror films and goofy kids’ television shows.

She recalled the time she was shooting “Wildcats” with Channing Tatum and Lance Bass from NSYNC in 2003 when she got a suspicious look from the young actors.

“I had just moved to Los Angeles and that was my first job,” Harmon told CNN. “I was new to the town so I was there with Channing Tatum and Lance Bass and they both just looked at me like, ‘What is that?’ and then they turned around and walked away.”

“Teen Wolf” made Harmon the first African-American woman to play a werewolf on the channel. But for her role as Tess (2011), she was forced to strip to a swimsuit for the first time in 20 years to play the lead.

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