NHS.co.uk suddenly went down during the nation’s busiest time for ER visits

The NHS website suffered a sudden technical glitch on Thursday, cutting off Americans from booking their shots and procedures at the Emergency Department as the holiday rush kicked off.

Starting at 1:30 pm EDT, the pages of Healthline, the website that hosts the NHS site, went blank for anyone trying to book an appointment through the ER. On the afternoon of Thanksgiving Day, people began tweeting about their inability to book appointments through the site:

1:30pm. NHS website down. In a rush to get my turkey shot in NH. #nhshospitals — Terrance Mayston (@teddyspatrol) November 23, 2017

Healthline site currently down. … ? ???? — Jana (@janaeee) November 23, 2017

Is it 2017? The NHS website is currently down. All of America on a diet for Thanksgiving. — Stefaguti (@Stefaguti) November 23, 2017

I just had to take a day off work due to the #nhssite being down. Time to get my turkey shot — Harrison 💛 (@HarrisonLlexy) November 23, 2017

healthline go down, medical checks for Thanksgiving are cancelled. — maria randy (@mariarandy) November 23, 2017

The site was back up and running by 2:30 p.m. EDT, but there is currently no known cause for the outage.

As Americans flocked to the ER to book vaccines for possible exposure to Hepatitis A and Influenza A, it may seem strange that the NHS site was temporarily shut down. Healthline, which is owned by Memorial Health Group, initially denied that an outage was taking place, as did the NHS.

“Visitors to NHS: Please stay calm, NHS is not currently going down,” read an update on its site as of 2:45 p.m. EDT.

However, the site continued to warn, “This temporary web access is not safe or reliable and should be used with caution.” The NHS later issued a statement clarifying the problem.

“We are aware of the issue that has taken our main website Healthline.co.uk down. The site is now operational again and we are getting to the bottom of this,” a spokesperson said.

Managed to book #hepatitis-A right as the site went down?! Tell me that’s not the best way to celebrate Thanksgiving pic.twitter.com/lQhW9y0Vj2 — Molly Bhat (@mollybhat) November 23, 2017

Pissed off that my web-fast fix for the Thanksgiving emergency room rush requires a medical professional in person. Desperate. — fat girl (@_blondesmurmel) November 23, 2017

How in the hell did Healthline.co.uk go down? Now there’s 2 hours of anxious schedule craziness. What in the world?!? https://t.co/k0GPK6Fni6 — Dan Wong (@danwongnz) November 23, 2017

Hmmm. Is Healthline.co.uk down? I’m trying to book an ER appointment for #hepatitisA. — Lucy Walsh (@LucyTheWarm) November 23, 2017

Disliking my Thanksgiving turkey shot extra much. Wanna try and book one with Healthline.co.uk instead? Head over now. #hepatitisa — Bronagh Hughes (@BronaghHughes) November 23, 2017

Ugh, just got a bad call on my HC appointment. Had hoped to save a few minutes for a jog around the park. But when it came up, Healthline was down. — Paul Novello (@PVRnovello) November 23, 2017

No wait, booking appointments online isn’t working for me. I should’ve realized I could go in person and save about $20. Thanks, Thanksgiving heroes. — Stew Lester (@StewLester) November 23, 2017

You can read more about Healthline’s current server problems at its website.

Read the full story at Quartz.


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