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A+E Networks said on Friday that Google has committed to $1 billion in fresh investments in Africa, while Google said that it will also double down on its $50 million pledge to set up five libraries across the continent, as part of the Government of Tanzania’s digitization initiative.

A+E Networks will open digital hubs in Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya. The hubs will develop original video content and develop online content distribution platforms for their countries, in addition to producing and producing local content for the global market.

“Today, we announce plans to invest a combined $1 billion over the next five years to drive more African stories to a global audience,” said Abubaker Yusuf, A+E Networks’ chief executive officer, Africa. “Through digital hubs, we aim to develop digital content that caters to a global audience, while producing locally relevant, immersive digital content.”

The same day, Google said it has also committed $50 million to establish five libraries across Africa. The first library, in Kenya, will open next year. Google said the goal is to link library-based curricula with Google Classroom and digital tools that help teach digital literacy skills to digital natives.

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