Mother of those killed in Oklahoma tornado: ‘It was one of the worst things ever’

Speaking at the “Nature of Things: A Story of Family, Community, and Nature in Tornado Alley” symposium on Tuesday, Ashlei Moberly said that being cut off from her husband during the deadly twister that swept through Oklahoma in May is one of the worst things about the storm that claimed her son’s life.

Ms. Moberly, whose husband, 30-year-old Jeremy, worked as a storm chaser, is among those who were cut off in Oklahoma after the powerful EF5 tornado struck on May 20. In a statement, Jeremy’s family said he was “in the wrong place at the wrong time” and called on people to come forward with information to help bring her family some kind of closure, calling Jeremy, “one of the brave ones who put his life on the line to bring justice to the world.”

The tornado struck as Jeremy, Ashlei, their son, Ace, and a second set of parents drove from Oklahoma City to Bolivar, which lies just over the Texas border. The family had only been in Oklahoma for a few days when Jeremy got out of the car to examine damage from the tornadoes and after a trip to Kroger to buy a new pair of boots were found dead after being buried by a pile of debris.

Ms. Moberly — who survived the tornado as she was waiting for emergency responders to arrive — said she didn’t understand why she couldn’t reach Jeremy until later that night. “I waited ’til the next day. I thought the news would come and I could get them to hear that I was okay,” she said. “I don’t know why I didn’t call him. I don’t know why I didn’t, it was one of the worst things ever. Not knowing is worse than knowing. Not knowing what happened to the family, that’s the worst.”

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