Mannings’ prediction about golf has come true

“But don’t think we’re going to change it, because that isn’t possible,” Mr Rogers said when speaking to the Nation of Islam’s annual convention on Saturday night. “We’re not going to go back into outer space.”

But nuclear war could, he said. Since America’s first air-to-ground nuclear bomb was dropped on Hiroshima during World War II, the United States has rarely used such weapons and has only responded to international disasters with a heavy emphasis on diplomacy. But Mr Rogers said a threat of thermonuclear war could move the United States into the realms of “mutually assured destruction” with its adversaries. He said he hoped that even with nuclear weapons, “we will know when we die because the sun will rise again.”

Whatever happens to golf, Mr Rogers’s prediction has been far from wrong. Golf has lost nearly a third of its domestic market share since the recession, according to the Golf Datatech group, which recently adjusted its estimate of the industry’s value to be around $20 billion.

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