Japanese food blogger: ‘British meals are ok’

Newspaper reviews of grocery store foods usually offer a one-star rating, but not this one.

The Daily Mail describes a 25-year-old Japanese food blogger called Sekouba as “the most enterprising, opinionated and weirdest food critic of our generation,” after he tried a meal that appeared to be British food for the first time.

Eating “mince and mash,” Sekouba – real name Taichi Takashi Toshimoto – posted an Instagram photo of himself with the caption, “About to try for the first time [British] roast dinner. See you in 2019.”

The photos quickly went viral, with commenters congratulating him. One wrote, “Shameless promotion!”

Toshimoto said in an interview with the Daily Mail that he bought the meal because his Korean girlfriend chose it for dinner.

Mixed British and Japanese meals: A Japanese reporter tries the new phenomenon of #NotMyHouseTheKoreanDinner https://t.co/87paBbO2yT pic.twitter.com/iJdNDiOZOf — Daily Mail U.K. (@DailyMailUK) October 16, 2017

He told the newspaper that he chose the British meal because he is “fascinated” by British cookery.

“I tried two other British recipes after the roast, but I really loved the meal. It was on the money. I ate three portions,” he said.

(The Daily Mail also reported the meal was made of animal — still being inspected in animal-rights authorities in the United Kingdom.)

Mince, mash and gravy – a British breakfast recipe that was invented in the 17th century is a daily staple in Japan.

Check out this guide on how to eat mince, mashed potatoes and gravy:

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