Israel is ‘winning’ against ISIS, says cyber chief

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

Israel’s cyber defense chief says that although the country has won its international cyber battle with ISIS, terrorists are “coming back with sharper weapons and new tactics,” adding that “we know who they are and we know how to get even.”

Speaking to CNN at the RSA cybersecurity conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, Gadi Evron, the chief technology officer of Israel’s National Cyber Bureau, said it “would be a failure” if Israel were the only country to have defeated ISIS.

While conceding the military success of Israel’s cyber defense efforts against ISIS, Evron said that the attacks are ongoing: “Since we announced the attack against ISIS, dozens of plots have been uncovered and actions taken against ISIS. So there is no doubt that it was very successful. But in my opinion there is more to come. ISIS has been very successful in propaganda media in the past and it will not change in the next few years.”

As for reports of cyber attacks against US companies, Evron said: “We often see incidents of hacking that are linked to national security … they may not be connected to anti-establishment criticism. Or, for example, a hack, where there is some light political motivation. But definitely in the UAE, where I come from, we’re still facing sabotage attacks.

“We’re not talking about well-known companies, but here and there they’re infiltrated and there’s damage done to … the infrastructure of the country, such as cables in power plants. Even somewhere that you’d expect it to not be affected, or politically motivated in some way, it will be. It’s fairly common.”

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