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Key parameters

For us to be able to provide our listeners with the content we present, we need to be able to receive news, information, statistics, photos and more from our three main partners:


Online and social media such as Twitter and Facebook

BT Sport

Newspapers such as the Sun

Radio sports channels such as talkSPORT

See below for links and also a note on how we use transcripts to construct the full episode.


We constantly communicate with those partners and monitor their breaking news features.

For inside coverage of the day’s news features, news alerts and sports sheets we draw on our own resources, as well as those of the three main partners we use:


No editor or reporter has a full copy of all news to hand and must be prioritised on all cases. We place orders and submit updates to our partners directly.

We only update our own feeds when we have a large amount of incoming information. It is increasingly difficult to keep up with all the stories that come through – in this way you may know about a developing story that we don’t necessarily have.

If we can’t find a story we need to adjust where we can, for example adding text or quotes or small audio items, to keep the pace. Sometimes our partners can identify a story and suggest in a tweet or email that we add some content based on this, that would certainly be helpful. But we should only be doing this to add news or to help our readers locate important stories.


We place daily updates for sports on all of our feeds on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We also update the streams every Monday on the UK news offering for sports.


Every weekday we put out a scorecard that summarises news from our partners and charts the week’s forecast in temperatures.

This is part of our ‘Weather for You’ section, which summarises the forecast and is available to see at all times on our mobile, desktop and Facebook platforms.

Social Media

T. Twitter

All our content on Twitter is a fully-funded partner output. We do not expect our own material to be an integral part of anyone’s daily news feed. As a standalone hashtag it is something we do try to keep in-tune with so we see what people are talking about and we use some of those hashtags in our content.

We check we are broadcasting consistently with what is going on in the world by using social data to see how our social audience and those in our audiences’ networks are reacting to our content, but this is rarely a guiding light in the way we broadcast news, commentary and analysis.

These are the guidelines we use when developing our Twitter and Facebook feeds and our online newsletters:

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