Hikers warned to stay away from ‘two metros of chaos’

Hikers are concerned about a hillside that’s turning to a hill from “two metros of chaos” – according to @Ldnation reporter @patrickrundell. @newsnet5ny pic.twitter.com/71z2Jvjmn0 — Tom Tranich (@tranich) July 2, 2018

Hikers warned Monday to refrain from visiting a popular national park after a rare hoar frost hit the region with heavy rain, winds and big melting snow.

Signs have been posted around West Pond State Park in Warren, NY, as a result of a sudden decline in elevation from the overnight freezing conditions, news.com.au reported.

“Due to the early arrival of the Northern Ice Age, most of the ice covering the Hudson Hills has now melted, which caused up to 24 inches of ice to collapse and fall into the pond,” the park’s website reads.

The low temperatures caused fallen logs to give way underneath lakes and ponds in the park.

Massive hailstones hammered Windsor and Kew Gardens roads during a July 2 ice storm.

Adding to the wet and windy weather, rodents on Ontario roads have caused various traffic delays over the weekend, The Canadian Press reported.

According to The Canadian Press, “beaver dams have popped up across several highways, destroying sections of pavement and dumping mounds of debris onto the roads.”

“There’s also been confirmation that when beavers build dams along highways, they build them on at least one side of the road,” Ontario Environment Minister Rod Phillips told the publication.

Trunk Metrobuses are also experiencing problems in the Metrolinx region due to the flooding.

“Unfortunately, Metrolinx Network operations has been hit with a series of traffic delays and parking closures this morning across Metrolinx regional transit facilities,” the agency said in a statement, according to a Facebook post.

“Metrolinx will continue to assess the impact on its systems in the days ahead.”

The agency acknowledged Monday morning it was “nearly impossible” to determine how long the severe conditions would last.

“The Upper Grey (Metrolinx) system is seeing roadblocks for all buses – MRT and STM — until we can get onto the tracks and establish a safe track for trucks to travel safely.”

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