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New York Times editorial

New York Times Editorial: Too many Americans still “paralyzed” by coronavirus fears

The fear surrounding the coronavirus continues to paralyze many Americans, the New York Times said.

Yet the strain of the virus may in fact not have the same speed or effectiveness as the swine flu virus that hit U.S. territory in 2009, experts said. “We think it’s almost as deadly as influenza B,” Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University, said last week.

The paper also pointed out that the virus is very novel, with no recorded cases of coronavirus in humans before 2014, the year the virus emerged in eastern Europe.

Nevertheless, because that virus has now spread around the globe and is also fatal to humans, the Times editorial board said, it is encouraging American health officials to monitor the global spread of the virus.

Also, the Times noted, that hospital deaths and hospitalizations related to the virus are vastly underreported in Europe, so the “very real problem is not how many people are being infected in different countries, but how many people are contracting it.”

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