From bacon to Rice Krispies, Astronauts’ Favorite Space Food Recipes: Crave Canada Gets Altered by Space

The Canadian semifinalists competed for the top prize of $10,000 on a segment called Space Food Wars on the Bell network last night, then went on to duke it out to find the best ways to make space food to inspire future explorers. Not surprisingly, the most notable space food entry was, of course, space bacon, which is a popular choice at everything from Day and Night Eat, a popular national Crave Canada chain, to newcomer Crave in St. John’s, Newfoundland. “Bacon just melts in your mouth — why not outer space,” says Scott Griffin, co-owner of Crave in St. John’s. “It’s very meaty.” The challenge itself was made a little harder for Griffin’s team, which includes his wife, who is not allowed to touch the food in the clean-out bin. Two decades ago, Maclean’s Travel Editor Anthony Batson famously ate nothing but freeze-dried Rice Krispies treats in the empty space of a Cosmonaut’s helmet. In this special honour, Batson has partnered with satellite maker Airbus Group Ltd. to fill this mission with actual space food.

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