Felipe Dauman is a new breed of racer and rider

Written by by Amari Cingular

Philippe Dauman may never have expected to move to Wyoming to take up motocross as a 16-year-old.

The path to the sport’s forefront, though, was one that wasn’t always clear to Dauman. She has the grit and resilience to show she can go the distance.

Dauman was born in Montana. Her father, Jared, is a police officer. Their home state had never been a racing destination for him — a bad track there? No problem.

Outside the Forest Service, Montana is filled with highways with names like “Condor” and “Kraken.” Dauman’s father built one himself, and they raced the famous three-mile course at high speeds for years. In Colorado, the family got their first road bike.

The sport has always been part of Jared Dauman’s identity. He used to race as a youth, and a crash during a practice on a track in 2007 hospitalized him for several months.

Sixteen-year-old Phillippe Dauman and her father, Jared,

But Phillippe’s mother, Sasha Dauman, was the one who helped her daughter take the next step.

Around 2011, Phillippe’s parents began bringing her to a camp for competitive bikers, to get a little taste of the sport. Dauman had always enjoyed motorcycle riding, and biking with the boys.

“So I went to my first motocross lesson the summer of my sophomore year of high school, and my mind was blown,” she says.

Another unexpected turning point for Phillippe Dauman came when she met avid biker and motorcycle club leader, Cody Costello, at a friends birthday party. Dauman was floored that this man was her father’s half-brother.

Dauman showed passion for action sports from a young age.

Dauman was equally attracted to Costello’s talent for competition. Dauman, who is in the top 30 women worldwide in AMA, the national motorcycle sport association, and has an IMSA Legend class championship, combined her competitive riding and biking skills into an inseparable unit with her future teammates.

Dauman says her self-confidence began to grow with her new “motorbike family” and dream of someday riding in the Indianapolis 500 was able to become a reality.

“I’ve become more confident in myself and my abilities,” Dauman says. “It’s like being an athlete: you need to improve your game every single year to improve your chances to succeed.”

Dauman says she is pursuing a MA in sports media at the University of Texas at Austin in hopes of creating the next great racing media company.

Dauman trains almost every day. She is training for the Memorial Cup, a big race at Beaver Creek, Colorado, in June. She hopes to win the championship.

Dauman is one of many racers and athletes on the road to achieving the dream that inspired her to pursue motocross in the first place.

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