F1 world champion Max Verstappen crowned, Ginola leaves palace, Bolat heads Russian GP

Verstappen crowned F1 champion, Ginola leaves castle – Sunday’s sporting social What’s on the sports social calendar today? I’ve found a few of the best blog posts to get you started. Get this weekend’s topic started at sportswest.cociana.com/category/social-media-tips/… The British Grand Prix is upon us and everyone knows that great success is now the target for drivers. So there’s something a bit exciting and exciting for the fans. Let’s see how Lewis Hamilton is going to be able to mount that challenge again at one of his favourite tracks and that great rival Daniel Ricciardo going to change the game again at the Red Bull grand prix at one of his great st… Related: The best blog posts of the week at sportswest.cociana.com/category/sport/blogs. … Over at Napoleon Sports, Salim Ghazzali has taken on a race car driving course and reports back with top tips for those who want to try their hand at race driving.… Who better to write this blog than the man himself, the icon Mariano “Ginola” Santoro? … The Russian Grand Prix will also be played on Sunday. I can’t tell you what is actually happening there but I can tell you who is coming back to Russia. Well, Russian President Putin (confirmed) will be in the paddock, not only in a ceremonial capacity of holding the Belgian flag and national anthem but also he will be hands on working directly with the team on initiatives. Putin hasn’t been to a grand prix since his last appearance in Moscow in 2013. One of the drivers, Kevin Magnussen has even noticed that Putin’s “fresh haircut” reminds him a lot of himself!

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