F1 wheel damages racing official’s face

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

A Formula One driver is under investigation after a race official was badly injured when he was hit in the face by a wheel.

The incident happened during a qualifying session at the Russian Grand Prix over the weekend.

Andreas ‘Schumi’ Rosberg was traveling at approximately 150 kilometers per hour (93 mph) when the wheel flew off a Williams F1 car driven by Felipe Massa.

Williams’ Felipe Massa crashes into a fence during the qualifying session for the Russian Grand Prix, December 8, 2017. EPA/AFP/Getty Images

As the wheel struck Massa, it bounced off the Brazilian’s helmet before pinning his face in the fender, fracturing his cheekbone.

The FIA has confirmed that the investigation is into whether Schumacher’s team, Mercedes, was responsible for the wheel falling off the car or if Massa was at fault.

The clip from the race on YouTube, which was widely shared online, starts with Schumacher behind the Williams car before sending debris flying.

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