Edmonton ice cream truck sinking $30,000 in ice cream

The sidewalk and pavement of a Calgary walkway are being repaired after the cyclotron foundation for the trampoline under the outdoor skating rink collapsed, damaging nearby bricks. The repair work is being carried out by the City of Calgary, and the city says it hopes to have the repairs completed early next week.

Plans for the Brimley, New Westminster, Vancouver, and Brookswood bike lanes reopened after a three-day closure due to flooding damage. Brimley, on Vancouver Island, is a popular cycling route and had about 150 people riding there on Friday afternoon, according to local cyclists. CycleStorm reports damage to the exterior brickwork of the Brimley bike lane:

Falling over in the ACTER freeze and flooding wood floor in our Brimley bike lane at BRW. Repair is still in progress. Being replaced with pervious material from BKQee for flooding A post shared by cyclestorm (@cyclestorm) on Jan 3, 2019 at 8:33am PST

Lennox and Addington has patched a nearly 30-centimetre hole on Riverside Road that began to open at the end of December. The repair work began on Monday and has been finished by Wednesday morning.

(Disclosure: This reporter used to live in Calgary, and covers Alberta and B.C. for National Post.)

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