California mayors, vice presidents and former vice presidents are now eyeing a 2020 White House run

As President Donald Trump criticized the New York Times on Tuesday for publishing an article accusing him of interfering with a federal investigation, Mayor Eric Garcetti touted the Times’ uncovering of contacts between Trump’s campaign team and Russian officials, including one between former Trump adviser and now-disgraced national security adviser Michael Flynn.

“Those are examples of good journalism that were leaked,” Garcetti said. “There’s also good news that even on these dark days, New York Times was able to shine a light on criminal activities that are directly tied to the Trump campaign.”

Politicians in California and across the nation have mentioned the Times’ reporting as they seek to smear, smear and more smear, President Trump. California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) has previously referred to the press as “an adult in the room,” and last week Garcetti suggested the press should replace “the folks in Fox News with the adults in the room.”

And now that fellow Democratic California Gov. Jerry Brown has made similar comments on Sunday, former Vice President Joe Biden can add himself to the list of ambitious governors looking to jump into the political pool.

“We have, if this starts, almost 43 governors of my generation,” Biden said Tuesday while jogging in Israel, according to a pool report. “This will make it easier for me to run in 2020.”

Biden was referencing a report he endorsed former Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) for Senate re-election and that he has been busy writing proposals for a jobs plan that would boost infrastructure spending and increase infrastructure spending by 50 percent. According to the Associated Press, Biden is also contemplating a 2020 presidential run and is discussing running with supporters in California and in New York state. The Garden State is a growing Democratic stronghold and has never elected a Republican governor.

California, which is moving to legalize recreational marijuana sales, could also launch a presidential bid by Biden, who has told supporters he would serve only one term as vice president if elected president.

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