CEO blames ‘weeks off’ for firing of ‘talented’ staff and says he doesn’t regret firing’s C.E.O. Mark Pryor is “taking time off” after fired workers sued over his company’s firing of them for “taking time off.”


Taking a step back, and away from the labor dispute that took up his days, Pryor said he supports a California bill that would bar companies from penalizing workers for quitting.

California Assembly Bill 2127 would not interfere with companies’ rights to turn down workers looking for other jobs or to fire those who skip work when they are sick, disabled or otherwise unable to contribute, he said.

“These issues have to do with time and risk,” he said. “One of my bigger fears in moving forward with this is that the notion of taking time off becomes a de facto code word.”

The bill from Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia was introduced after five California workers sued, claiming that after starting work in February, they were required to take vacation days and are now unable to find new work because the company ruined their reputation.

C.E.O. Mark Pryor, better known as “Mark Zoom,” eventually spoke out for the first time about the company’s use of voluntary “weeks off” that kicked out several workers, emphasizing that the ban on unpaid days “really helps only our top performers and really hasn’t been used at all” since June.

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