Armed robber strikes at least 10 times

Police are investigating a gang of armed, well-organized robbers who have struck at least 10 times in the most exclusive Philadelphia suburbs, in the span of a week.

The armed robberies have been reported in Bucks County and Montgomery County — including several high-end suburban homes and shops — and linked to a lone individual.

The suspect would enter the premises with the intention of robbing the place, then roam the premises looking for more victims, police said.

The robberies began on 10 June when the individual entered a home in Ridley Township, Pennsylvania, and took property, including jewelry. Then on 13 June, the individual entered a home in Pocono Township.

In the most recent incident, the individual entered a home in Kennett Square on 17 July. Police say he held up a cashier at the store and then also bound the victims, before fleeing.

The individual has now struck in the Bucks County towns of Bath, Levittown, Montgomery County and Lewistown, Pennsylvania.

Police believe the individual is part of a crew that often goes together, and now searches for places where they are known to prey, and also moves about in well-groomed, fashionable clothing.

“It is like one of those heist movies, in the old days,” said Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele, adding that residents should be on high alert.

If anyone has any information, call their local police department.

This article originally appeared on the Philadelphia Eye blog

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