Alphonso Davies goes from prodigy to prodigy, with an aim to become his best yet

In 2016, the highest-scoring teenager in the history of the Bundesliga signed for Bayern Munich.

Since then, Alphonso Davies’s time in Germany has been characterized by consistent glory and plenty of frustration. That undoubtedly will continue when he arrives in Portland for the start of the Major League Soccer season, but for the time being he’s been promoting his new series for the NFT business magazine. I sat down with Davies recently in Portland to talk about everything from pursuing his dream, to the hyper-consistent challenges of life in a big club.

Davies, who comes from the same Canada-English family as David Beckham, came to Bayern after a chance encounter on an American football field.

In a “It Happened on Purpose” theme, he told me that he happened upon the players on the Toronto FC Under-20 squad while practicing in the northwest area of Toronto, a typical summer storm lashing the city. “We had this chance to actually play soccer,” Davies said. “And since then, I’ve been following them [and] finding out how they took over the MLS as soon as they started.”

He brought the FIFA 16 video game to the field in hopes of mimicking the pace of action, but once he started talking and the space started to open up, his determination was the rule, and he became convinced that he wanted to make it in the game. His teammate fell in love with his hobby and helped Davies realize that he was destined to become a pro soccer player. That’s how it all came about.

Now, Davies is the budding middle son of a tight-knit family that includes seven siblings: four boys and three girls, most aged around 11. He has an older sister, who plays in the women’s national team, and his parents have never been traditional about their children’s success. “I always struggled to come up with a good school name,” Davies said. “I always wanted to say something poetic with the name, like, ‘I’m a basketball player and I play football.’ But, [the teacher] pointed out that I’m more, like, one-dimensional and he said, ‘You have to choose a name that you’re proud of.’”

He settled on “Alphonso Dias,” and that probably sums up his style of life in more than one way. “I go out with no money, but I have the passion,” he said.

Without going into too much detail, we decided to lay out what it means to be “Alphonso Davies.” Read the full interview here.

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