Afghan soccer coach: ‘I’m not happy’ with Trump’s decision to pull troops from Afghanistan

The manager of Afghanistan’s women’s national soccer team said her country is at a turning point.

“We have a team that is from Afghan people. We didn’t get this chance because we go to other countries for development … and now we have to solve problems for ourselves,” Khalida Popal told Fox News.

She said she’s “disappointed” by President Trump’s decision to pull the approximately 2,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan out of the country.

“I am not happy,” Popal said. “I expected to see a constructive development agenda for this country … Afghanistan has no cards and we have to adapt ourselves to this situation.”

She noted that international development has not produced as much positive change in Afghanistan as hoped when U.S. and international forces took control of the country in 2001.

“We have to take some decisions,” Popal said. “I don’t see the United States and the coalition troops coming back and helping us and making progress.”

Popal added that the current crop of Afghan soccer players will probably continue to face dangers because of the situation.

She’s hoping some other countries will come to their aid.

“Hopefully someone will help this country in some field,” Popal said. “I don’t want this team, this generation, or this country to die in vain.”

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