A second woman is killed by a vehicle in just 7 days

A woman walking along a pedestrian path in Birmingham, England, died after being hit by a car as she crossed the road.

According to police, paramedics were called to an incident in the Waterside Walk area on the city’s south bank.

Birmingham City Council say it was the fifth such incident in less than a week.

Police have closed nearby roads until further notice as a thorough investigation is launched.

Security footage emerged of two people working on the London bridge that was demolished after the Tower Bridge collapse in the aftermath of the London terror attack.

Three men opened fire on London Bridge on Saturday night, killing eight people and wounding 48 others.

Two workers were among those who helped people before emergency services arrived.

Phil Plait says it’s “especially chilling watching security camera footage from the day of the bridge collapse.”

The picture shows two men on a steel support bed below the bridge that was suddenly damaged, and painted with the words “repaired.”

The car they were working on had been lowered from beneath the bridge the day before to fix a bolt problem.

The BBC reports that they were working on the bridge “as cameras rolled unaware that disaster was about to strike just above them.”

The BBC says both men worked for a company called Risk Management Consultants. It says that they appeared to have been “providing scaffolding services to London Bridge Bridge Bridge Ltd.”

The company is involved in car maintenance and trading. It’s stated on its website that the pier on the west side of the bridge was “unreliable and contributed to the rise in the area’s navigation risk” and that they “tendered for a replacement from or toward the very end of 2016.”

The company is made up of 14 workers, employing 25.

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