8 Athletes Who Immensely Influence Other Sports

Lewis Hamilton was in a class of his own in the 90s and early 2000s. He dominated the sport as a rookie, dominating the Formula One world championship with McLaren for three consecutive years. This was a near-invincible run that few have been able to match. He drove his way onto the covers of almost every magazine and won a number of awards, taking home the People’s Choice Award, for his personality and popularity in the industry, but was of course as an elite as well.

He dominated with so many races, great Formula One cars with the McLaren-Renault, the strongest Mercedes and a man who was a charismatic winner. His talent, he drove himself. It was by many measures the peak of the sport when Hamilton was at his peak.

He has a very personal stake in his place on this list. To look on the periphery and see other legends of the sport, his transition from a country boy to a world champion and on to being the superstar he is today has been almost unprecedented.

Lewis was put into the sport on the back of his reputation with a legendary past and was essentially expected to replace Michael Schumacher as a young driver. His persona and antics were widely seen as gimmicks by many outside of Formula One. Look at this from one year to another, in the early years, and you see how far Hamilton has come as a driver in comparison to some of the other athletes he was compared to.

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