14 killed, dozens injured in Gaza tunnel explosion in Lebanon

This article was contributed by Hadas Goldberrin and Sarah El Deeb.

A container exploded Thursday inside a Hamas ammunition warehouse in Lebanon’s southern Mleeta province, killing at least 13 people and wounding 39, officials said.

The Israeli Defense Forces said its jets bombed two locations in the southern region where Hamas stores munitions. They added that the explosion, which also damaged nearby houses, came after a pipe bomb targeted an IDF patrol in the region. A force was triggered, but was unharmed.

The IDF described the incident as an “explosion in an area controlled by Hamas,” and said it was investigating what happened.

Lebanese state-run National News Agency reported Thursday that several clashes broke out on the scene following the explosion.

According to NBC News, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad militants in the region said they had warned the organization against storing explosives there.

On Twitter, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office praised the IDF for responding to an “attack on our patrol in the South” and said “we condemn the terror we saw in southern Lebanon yesterday.”

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